Joanna Schreck

...An Introduction

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Education & work experience...

My name is Joanna Schreck and I am webcast project manager for technology vendors. In addition to working full-time, I am pursuing my MLS at CUNY Queens College. In 2006 I graduated from SUNY Binghamton with my BA in English Literature and a minor in Chinese History. I spent six weeks in China studying Chinese theatre and Beijing and Shaoxing opera. Prior to attending Binghamton University I was enrolled at Wagner College on Staten Island and studied Vocal Performance.


Books, movies & general interests...

While I still sing, I no longer do so competitively. I volunteer my time in the alumni theatre and chorus group at Holy Trinity High School and canter at weddings.

I enjoy reading Stephen King and my favorites include Under the Dome, The Stand, Tommyknockers and Dreamcatcher.

I also enjoy YA fiction and, completely unrelated, I have been on a Christian novel kick, working my way through the 16 Left Behind novels by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins.

As often as I can, I see movies at the theatre. I prefer the suspense and horror genres and believe movie theatre popcorn is the best food on Earth. Memento, The Shining, The Ring, The Silence of the Lambs and Se7en are my top five favorites, though my list is ever changing.

My favorite sporting event is the Indy 500. I write avidly, record voiceovers, am a purple II belt in shotacon karate and have recently taken up knitting.

Read about my recent trip to Hoover Dam here.

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